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Air Compressor Basics

Air compressors are the base for a number of tools used by advanced do-it-yourself enthusiasts. These tools have three primary parts--a motor, a compression tank and a hose. The motor, which can be gas or electic powered, draws air into the compression tank, where it is held until the user opens the valve at the end of the hose


  • A special nozzle with a paint can is attached to the hose that can spray paint in a number of different applications. Narrower heads can be used for airbrushing automobiles or clothing. Wider nozzles can spray paint in an even application, replacing a brush or roller.


  • Pneumatic tools rely on compressed air to complete their respective task. A pneumatic nail gun takes air compressed along the line and uses it to build the force of a hammer. The quick recharge time of the tank make it more efficient than a traditional hammer in the construction of houses or the installation of a roof.

Around the House

  • Having an air compressor is like having a service station air dispenser inside your garage. Air compressors can be used to inflate toys or bicycle or automobile tires, with the use of a special nozzle that mimics the end of a traditional pump. The nozzle can fit the valve stem of any tire or be used with a ball pin to inflate a basketball.

Pressure Washer

  • A special tee fitting is attached to the nozzle and the compressed air blasts the water out at a higher pressure.

Air Blaster

  • The compressed air can also be used to clear out dirt and grease from hard-to-reach areas. Mechanics will use air guns to clear caked on grease or dirt. Painters will often use compressed air to clear out rust or flaked paint.

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