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Air Compressor: Pros And Cons

Air Compressor: Pros And Cons
A gas air compressor, like an electric one, allows the user to use their pneumatic tools both at home or on the job. They are both highly capable machines that help get jobs done quickly and efficiently. It makes no difference which type is used in terms of getting work done. However, there are some obvious differences to think about if you are thinking of buying a compressor of some sort. It has both pros and cons you may not have thought of.
A gas air compressor appears much like any other compressor. It has a tank for holding compressed air, it has a valve and gauge to see and control how much pressure is allowed to build up in the tank. It has a place to attach an air hose and associated air tools. So the first pro is that there is nothing particularly difficult or new to learn about using one. If you have used an electric air compressor then adapting to a gas one is simple and easy.
The second pro to using a gas air compressor has to be true portability. This is especially important to people who work on job sites where there might not be a source of electricity. Not every job site has power or even a generator so being able to run a compressor powered by gas is critical to getting the job done. An electric compressor is sweet if there is power because you don't have to worry about hauling any gasoline, etc. but that's just not always an option.
And this brings us to the cons of having and using a gas air compressor. The fact that it does require gasoline to run is a big down side for many people. Gas is smelly, it is expensive, and it is highly combustible. Obviously, some commonsense and general care must be taken anytime you work with gas. The nice thing is that these concerns are easily dealt with by having the proper container for transporting the gasoline, and making sure that when you fill the compressor you use a funnel to avoid unnecessary spills. I like to keep some clean rags nearby when I am using gas just to wipe up any little spills that might occur. As for gas being smelly, just close things up tight and be careful and this little nuisance won't be a very big deal. Be sure to store gas properly once you fill the tank and you will ensure the safety of anyone who happens to be around. As for the expense of gas, there isn't much we can really do about that. Thankfully, a gas air compressors is efficient and the actual dollars spent on fuel aren't really that high.
When weighed in the balance, a gas air compressor has more upside than down. Being able to work on site with no available electricity is not only a convenience, it is an absolute necessity at times. The fact that they are simple and easy to use, with no increased learning curve is nice as well. If some basic safety precautions are taken with the way gas is handled and stored, then the concerns about the safety of using gas are easily alleviated.
A gas air compressor has a definite place for the right people and help get jobs done that an electric one sometimes just can't do.

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