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How Much Do You know About Air Compressor Oil?

How Much Do You know About Air Compressor Oil?
Air compressors are mechanical devices that increase the pressure of air by reducing its volume. The various types of compressors are - Reciprocating, Rotary screw, Centrifugal, Axial flow (fans draw in air into a tapering tube), Diagonal/ Mixed flow and Scroll compressors. Reciprocating compressors use pistons driven by crankshafts, Rotary and Scroll compressors use helical screws that force air into a smaller space and Centrifugal or Mixed compressors work by increasing the velocity of air to increase the pressure.
Compressors can be either oil-lubricated or oil-free. Oil-free compressors do not need lubrication and this affords a cut down on maintenance. However, they have a shorter life span as compared to oil-lubricated compressors.
Compressors have many moving parts and are susceptible to lower efficiency and greater wear through friction. Also, as per Charles law, compression of air leads to an increase in temperature, which in turn affects the various moving parts of a compressor. Therefore, these parts need to be shielded from friction and high temperatures.
Air compressor oils available today greatly increase the endurance of compressor parts against friction. These oils act as lubricants and smoothen the functioning of the parts that are prone to damage by friction. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of the air compressor. These oils are usually low on volatility and do not dry out, providing prolonged protection. The lubricants are heat resistant and even when temperatures get too high inside the compressor core, its parts are shielded from the soaring heat by the lubricant. Therefore, it becomes exceedingly important to decide the right lubricant. Good lubricants, albeit costly, protects an air compressor from damage; this reason alone justifies the extra cost.
Compatibility with mineral oils is another feature that should be taken into consideration when deciding the lubricant. Polyaphaolefin (PAO) and Diester are two hydrocarbon fluids generally used as lubricants in compressors. Although Castrol leads the market in terms of popularity, other manufacturers have also rolled out feature packed products, which quite often surpass the quality of Castrol. It would also be a wise move to get reviews from other users.

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