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We are your trusted supplier of commercial and industrial refrigeration compressors and air compressors and accessories worldwide.

The Refrigeration Compressors Supplied:

Copeland Scroll Compressors:ZR series,ZB series,ZF series
Tecumseh Rotary Compressors:RKA series,HGA series
Tecumseh Reciprocating Compressors:AWFseries ,AWA series,AVD series
Tecumseh Scroll Compressors:VSC series
LG Ccompressors

Dakin Scroll Compressors:JT series
We also supply refrigeration compressors for other brands:Hitachi,Danfoss,Mitsubish.

The Air Compressors Supplied:

Ingersoll Rand Rotary Screw Air Compressor: UP sereis,SSR sereis,SIERRA sereis,Nirvana sereis.
Ingersoll Rand Reciprocating Air Compressor: T30 sereis;
Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressor: ZT/ZF sereis ,GA sereis;
Atlas Copco Centrifugal Air Compressors: ZH sereis;
Atlas Copco Piston Air Compressors: P sereis ,AR sereis
Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressor: LS sereis,WS sereis,AS sereis,TS sereis;
Kobelco Screw Air Compressor: VS/AG series,KS series,XG sereis,SG sereis
Besides these main products,we also provide air compressors in other brands: Compair, Cummins, Schneider, Fusheng.

The Air Compressors Spare Parts Supplied:

Service Kit:Check Valve Kit,Unloading Valve Kit,Oil Stop Valve Kit,Thermostat Valve Kit,Cooler Kit Minimum Pressure Valve Kit(MPV Kit),Blow Down Valve Kit,Blow off Valve Kit,Drain Valve Kit,Overhaul Kit,Bearing Kit,Flexmaster Joint Kit
Sensors: Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor.
Controller: Panel Controller
Valves: Solenoid Valve, Relief Valve, Thermostatic Valve, Thermal Control Valve, Thermostatic Valve Element, Proportional Valve, Capacity Control Valve, Pressure Maintaining Valve,Inlet Valve, Safety Valve, Control Valve, Expansion Valve, Check Valve, Shuttle Valve, Automatic Drain Valve,Pressure Regulator.
Filters: Air Filter, Oil filter, Separator.
Air end parts: Bearing, Oil Seal, Bushing, Gears, Gear Shaft, Overhaul Kit.
Cooling system: Fan, Radiator, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Intercooler, Secondary Cooler.
Switch: Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch
Transmission: Coupling, Plum Pad, Elastic Block, Gears, Gear Shaft.
Hose: Air Intake Hose, High Pressure Pipe.

Feature Products
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Bel 218V Air Compressor bush
Bendix BA-921 Air Compressor safety valve
Bel 5312VE Air Compressor nozzle
ABAC B3914/150S Air Compressor wheel
Bristol Air Compressor H20J293DBV
Bendix TU-FLO550 Air Compressor plate of valve
Cfm 175 Air Compressor hose
Hitachi EC119SA Air receivers
ABAC B312/100S Air Compressor
Danfoss compressor CXH140A4ALA
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