Reasons for the reduction of the cooling effect of common Tecumseh Refrigeration Compressor and its treatment

Common Tecumseh Refrigeration Compressor cooling reasons are due to system leakage and system blockage.

1, Tecumseh Refrigeration Compresso system leak

First use the leak detection fluid (such as soapy water, or detergent to water) or the halogen leak detector to find the leak point, and then use the welding equipment to weld, and after doing the necessary vacuum treatment, fill the refrigerant according to the specified amount of the factory. The device will resume normal operation.

2, Tecumseh Refrigeration Compresso system blockage




In general, the ecumseh Refrigeration Compresso refrigeration system is equipped with a “filter” to filter out impurities in the system. If it is a slight blockage caused by the dirty system, it can slightly feel the cooling capacity drop; in the case of serious condensation or frosting, it can be judged that the filter is clogged, and the same type of filter can be replaced at this time.


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