Panasonic Refrigeration Compressor Maintenance Quartet

Summer is coming, and air conditioners that have been in place for a long time will come in handy! In recent years, consumers have become more and more experienced in the use of air conditioners, and gradually pay attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance of air conditioners, and regularly clean them to prevent power-saving diseases while achieving the purpose of saving electricity. So, as the "heart" of air conditioners, should the compressor be protected? Everyone knows that the compressor is the core of air conditioning and the most valuable component in air conditioning. According to A&S Aerodynamic Co., Ltd related professionals, the compressor acts to compress and drive the snow to circulate it to achieve cooling or heating. Therefore, the working efficiency of the compressor is directly related to the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioner, and the protection of the compressor should be emphasized in the use of the air conditioner.

Here are a few basic ways to protect your Panasonic refrigeration compressor from A&S Aerodynamic Co., Ltd professionals, keeping your air conditioner away from the "heart" disease!

1, switch interval 3 minutes to prevent "heart" colic

Some consumers like to start and turn off the air conditioner frequently. When the temperature is low, the power is turned off immediately, and the heat is turned on again. It is considered that this can save power, but it is not. The engineer suggested that the air conditioner should be controlled by itself. According to the set procedure, the compressor can get better working efficiency. At the same time, the air conditioner should be turned on after 3 minutes due to sudden power failure or human shutdown. Otherwise, some air conditioners without a time delay may burn the fuse due to excessive starting current and even burn the compressor motor.

2, start once a month to prevent "heart" infarction

Professionals suggest that even if you do not use the air conditioning season, it is best to develop a habit of starting at least once a month. Because the compressor is a sophisticated device with lubricating oil to ensure reliable operation of the compressor. However, if the air conditioner is not used for a long time, the lubricating oil inside the compressor may be condensed. When it is used for a long time, the compressor may be stuck and may cause damage to the compressor.

3, regularly clean the heat sink to prevent "heart" myositis

When the air conditioner is used, the dust in the air may block the gap in the heat sink, causing poor heat dissipation, causing the condenser pressure to rise, thereby increasing the current of the compressor motor and increasing the power consumption of the air conditioner. Long-term high-power operation, the working life of the compressor will be damaged. Therefore, engineers recommend that consumers should regularly clean the heat sink, and use canned detergent to spray from top to bottom at 4~6 cm of discrete hot film. Generally, it is best to clean and disinfect once a month when using air conditioner frequently in summer. .

4, the installation of the awning has to pay attention to prevent "heart" overheating

The Panasonic refrigeration compressor is installed in the external unit. Professionals suggest that if the outside machine is often exposed to the sun, it is best to install an awning to create a better working environment for the compressor. If the position of the external machine is good, it is not needed, because the external machine has been designed with waterproof, acid proof and rust proof functions. When installing an awning, consumers must pay attention to the size of the awning, because too small awning will affect the heat exchange of the air conditioner, and at the same time, according to the instructions, the distance between the awning and the left and right of the air conditioner outside the aircraft is determined.

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