Refrigeration compressors are the core and heart of refrigeration systems and are widely used in air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. The refrigeration industry all over the world has invested a lot of energy in the research of refrigeration compressors, and new research directions and research results are constantly emerging. The technology and performance levels of compressors are changing rapidly.

The applications of different refrigeration compressors are as follows:
* The vast majority of hermetic piston compressors are mainly used in household refrigerators/freezers and small commercial refrigeration equipment.
* Semi-hermetic piston refrigeration compressors are widely used in both refrigeration and air conditioning conditions.
* Open piston refrigeration compressors are only commonly used in cold storage, and very few used in chillers of air conditioning conditions.
* Scroll compressors are mostly used in small household air conditioners and commercial air conditioner systems.
* Centrifugal refrigeration compressors are mainly used for chillers in air conditioning conditions.
* Screw compressors can be used in cold storage, artificial ice rinks, and chillers.

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