1 High energy efficiency, save energy consumption; low noise, quiet operation; use of environmentally friendly refrigerants to protect the environment; high reliability, long-term reliable operation
2 The refrigeration equipment products produced by our company can serve all fields of national economic life: including cold chain logistics product processing, storage, transportation, distribution, retail and other links, such as meat slaughtering, processing and storage, aquatic products processing, fruit and vegetable gas In the areas of storage, cold storage, dairy products processing, frozen food processing and storage, hygiene, storage and logistics, low-temperature environment simulation, industrial cooling, agricultural wholesale markets and supermarket display cabinets.
3 We have a complete product range and a wide range, and can be applied to new refrigerants. There are 6 categories of products:
Scroll compressor series: 3.5~12HP, evaporation temperature range: -10~+12℃;
Fully enclosed unit series: 1~6HP, evaporation temperature range: -40~+12℃;
Semi-hermetic compressor and unit series: 2-45HP, evaporation temperature range: -40~-5℃;
Central unit series: 60-120HP, evaporation temperature range: -40~-5℃;
Screw unit series: 50-300HP, evaporation temperature range: -60~+5℃;
Chiller and ice machine series: Chiller 3-5HP, used in industrial cooling devices, can control the outlet water temperature; the capacity of the ice maker is: 3 tons / day;

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