The history of Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd. can be traced back to 1954 and the company entered the refrigeration industry in 1985. It was Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1992. The main products include household air conditioner compressors, dehumidifier compressors, special compressors for heat pumps, special refrigeration equipment, foundries, commercial freezers, car starters and so on.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "core manufacturing and value creation", Highly Group is dedicated to investing in the refrigeration compressor manufacturing industry with the funds raised, and has always maintained a leading position in China's domestic refrigeration compressor industry.

Highly compressors include the following series,
* A - Series
* D - Series
* G-Series
* L-Series, etc.

A&S can provide you with a wide range of Highly refrigeration compressors, such as Highly Scroll Compressor, Highly AC Compressor, ensuring you can find the best one for your needs and machine operating conditions. Highly refrigeration compressors using different refrigerants are available on our website, such as Highly compressor r22, Highly compressor r32. Highly compressor 2 ton, and Highly compressor 1.5 ton sell well on our website.

If you don't find the brand or model of compressor you want on our website, you can send an email to our customer service staff.

Highly compressor Products

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