Kulthorn Kirby
1 The efficiency of Kulthorn compressors, condensing units and EC motors exceeds industry standards, usually exceeding 20% or more. Not only can our components be purchased economically, but they can also save you operating costs
2 Kulthorn's reciprocating compressors are energy-optimized to provide reliable service, cost-effective operation and wide application in extreme refrigeration environments
3 Kulthorn compressors have a compact design and strict
The working cycle makes it ideal for heavy duty operation and narrow spaces. They are a reliable choice for most commercial and household uses, as they have a working range of 1/20 to 10 HP and have been approved for use with R290, R-404A/507, R407C and R-134a refrigerant
4 One of the most efficient products on the market; ultra-low global warming potential; reliable performance; durability

Kulthorn Kirby compressor Products

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