1 High efficiency. Daikin provide highly efficient compressors through precise processing, special assembly and oil seal technology.
2 Low sound level. Using contactless scrolling, we achieved low sound power levels and low vibration. When installing the air-conditioning system, the compressor does not need to add sound-proof cover and sound-absorbing cotton. Due to the small vibration of the compressor, this greatly improves the ability of the pipeline to resist resonance and break.
3 High reliability and long service life. Daikin scroll compressor has fewer moving parts, low repetitive impact and low sliding speed.
4 Small size and light weight. Due to the small diameter and slenderness of the compressor barrel, it provides a choice for the outdoor unit to be small and lightweight. In order to save flexibility in space and position design, a new three-legged chassis model has been added to the original four-legged chassis.

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