1 The product model is "comprehensive", the application range is "wide", and has a flexible "large": 14 basic models, the average cooling capacity difference of adjacent models is about 20%, W type cooling capacity from 90kw to 780kw, H type cooling capacity from 74kw to 638kw
2 Application of multiple refrigerants: In addition to R22 refrigerant, it can also be used for R134a, R407C, R404A and other environmentally friendly refrigerants.
3 High efficiency: The motor adopts high-efficiency silicon steel sheet and special groove design, and is equipped with internal and external omnidirectional cooling channels to minimize the pressure drop at the inlet and outlet
4 Two-stage liquid spray protection for motor and compression chamber, power supply and PTC temperature protection module, oil-cooled external circuit, oil level and oil pressure differential protection, safe to use.

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