1 Condensing unit Hitachi's unique and most advanced high-pressure carcass scroll compressor has created the Hitachi refrigerator with the highest quality and the best reputation, with a wide range of applications and strong refrigeration.
2 When the high-efficiency and energy-saving scroll compressor is in operation, the amount of air leakage between the high-pressure area and the low-pressure area is extremely small and because the suction port is not adjacent to the discharge port, the leakage of compressed refrigerant is almost zero, The refrigerant is fully functional, so it has the effect of strong cooling and power saving.
3 Zero-defect, zero-failure scroll compressor Because the suction port and the discharge port are not adjacent, no device is required to suck in and discharge the valve, the flow of refrigerant is very smooth, and no traditional compressor is shut down due to damage to the valve Adverse effects.
4 Hitachi refrigeration compressor adopts horizontal body, low center of gravity, low vibration and low noise. And it saves space and is conducive to installation and maintenance. High-pressure machine body, high temperature resistant motor

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