Based on the modern air conditioner invented by Willis Carrier in 1902, Carrier has become a global leader in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier is committed to improving comfort and efficiency around the world. Carlyle is a Carrier brand. The name "Carlyle" is derived from the combination of the last names of Dr. Carrier and his partner, Mr. Lyle.

Today, Carrier's innovative products are found all over the world and in almost every aspect of everyday life. Carrier safeguards the global food supply by maintaining the quality and freshness of food and beverages, and ensures health and well-being by properly transporting and delivering critical medical supplies under stringent conditions.

Carrier Refrigeration Compressors include the following types,
* Screw Compressors such as Semi-Hermetic Twin Screw Compressor 06T
* Reciprocating Compressors such as Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor 06M
* Container Reciprocating Compressors
* Container Scroll Compressors

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