1 Priority is given to using natural refrigerants in commercial applications, such as propane (R290), not only because of the need to replace HFC refrigerants that have a significant impact on the environment, but also because R290 is more efficient in terms of performance and energy consumption. The refrigerant propane does not directly contribute to global warming, and its energy consumption is 10% to 15% lower than similar applications of R404A.
2 Barcelona Huayi cubigel Compressor provides R290 with the largest range of high-efficiency green cooling compressors, designed to provide high-quality and environmentally friendly products through cutting-edge technology
3 It is a fact that the market demand for high-efficiency compressors with low GWP natural refrigerants is increasing. CubigelCompressorsĀ® offers the entire range from 2.2cc to 38cc, suitable for different applications such as open display cabinets, bottle coolers, automatic sales Cargo plane, freezer, wine cooler, water cooler, ice maker, box, island freezer, ice cream cabinet.

Cubigel compressor Products

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