Founded in 1933, Danfoss is a global multinational company headquartered in Denmark, and is a world leader in refrigeration, heating, water treatment and drive control manufacturing.

For decades, Danfoss has been known for continuous technological innovation. Danfoss technologies and solutions are widely used in residential and commercial heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, food refrigeration and automatic control of industrial product lines, greatly improving the comfort of modern life and promoting the development of environmental protection and clean energy.

Danfoss compressors for refrigeration include the following types,
* Reciprocating compressors including Maneurop® MT, MTZ, NTZ reciprocating compressors
* Refrigeration scroll compressors/Danfoss scroll compressors
* Telecom DC compressors
* Hydrocarbon compressors
* Mobile DC cooling compressors
* Danfoss Turbocor compressors

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