1 AIRMASTER™ is a leading international manufacturer of embedded air compressor control for original equipment manufacturers
2 Industry 4.0 and MODBUS ready
Maximizing performance helps to extend the life of compressor assets and minimize compressor wear
3 Fully compatible with AIRMATICS™ series
Internally designed and manufactured products extend the life of the product, support the entire product life cycle, and eliminate the inconvenience of built-in obsolescence
4 Easy-to-use control interface can be customized for each OEM's functions and design requirements
The brand is unknown. AIRMASTER™ can be used as a master control device for up to seven slave air compressors, regardless of brand
Products designed and built in Belgium to ensure construction quality, service life and availability
5 If your business is committed to adopting a comprehensive air compressor control solution to provide the best performance and extend the life cycle of air compressors or vacuum products, this is why AIRMASTER™ has become the choice of global manufacturers

AirMaster Air Compressor Products

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