Anest Iwata
1 Anest Iwata air compressor product involves many fields, oil-free air compressor is suitable for medical and health, analytical instruments, precision semiconductors, food and other industries; high-quality painting equipment, such as mobile phones, notebook computers, household appliances, metal materials, toys, furniture, painting and so on
2 The basic performance is of course high-performance durability, safety, versatility, and simple maintenance
3 High performance with professional-level expectations: equipped with independent drainage mechanism, even if it is not running for a long time, it can inhibit the emulsification of lubricating oil, and adopt two-stage cooling method to effectively distribute the compression heat
4 Low noise, low vibration, energy saving, beautiful appearance, simple operation, oil-free and clean
5 We also provide Anest iwata air compressor parts. We have 10 years of experience focusing on the brand, if you give us your needs and parameters, we can provide you with professional customized solutions.

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