1 Danfoss has a global reach and more than 30 years of experience in developing and supplying products for the compressed air industry. We are a leading producer of components, sub-assemblies and integrated solutions for air compressor applications. Our air compressor product range includes fluid controls and pressure and temperature controls.
2 From very small units for medical use to very large industrial compressors operating in the kilowatt power band, Danfoss air compressor industry covers a huge range of equipment. Equally varied are the fundamental compressor technologies used.
3 Designed for use with a wide range of refrigerants, Danfoss Maneurop reciprocating compressors cover requirements in the 1kW to 20kW (1.5–26 HP) range.Dedicated to light commercial applications, Danfoss light commercial reciprocating refrigeration compressors are characterized by low energy consumption, a compact design, and quiet operation. UL certified, these compressors can be used with refrigerants.
4 Danfoss Turbocor® compressors use advanced technology to deliver high efficiency and low sound levels in a compact footprint.  Industry leading performance is achieved by using oil free, magnetic bearings that provide world class efficiency and zero performance degradation over the life of the compressor.  Permanent magnet motors and variable speed drives provide unmatched full and part load efficiency

Danfoss Air Compressor Products

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