Danfoss is one of Denmark's largest multinational industrial manufacturing companies, founded in 1933. Danfoss is world-renowned for promoting the application of advanced manufacturing technologies and focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection. It is a world-leading manufacturer and service provider of refrigeration and air conditioning controls, heating and water controls, and drive controls.

Danfoss can manufacture special products for air compressor applications. From very small units for medical use to very large industrial compressors operating in the kilowatt power range, Danfoss supports the air compressor industry with a wide range of equipment.

Danfoss has a global presence in developing and supplying products for the compressed air industry and is a leading producer of components, assemblies and integrated solutions for air compressor applications. The Danfoss air compressor product range includes fluid control as well as pressure and temperature control.

Danfoss is capable of offering the following products for the air compressor industry:
* DST P140 Smart Sensor pressure transmitter
* MBS 1900 pressure transmitter
* MBT 3270 flexible temperature sensor
* EV210B, 2/2-way direct-operated solenoid valves, etc.

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Danfoss Air Compressor Products

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