1 British BAMBI enjoys a high reputation in the silent air compressor industry. It designs and produces high-precision silent air compressor products. BAMBI silent air compressors are cost-effective and have been widely used in medical, dental, tobacco, laboratory, and automation systems, analytical instruments and other industries.
2 The MD series has the characteristics of high performance and low noise. It is designed for occasions requiring high quality and low noise compressed air. The core unit T75 series saves more than 50% of air compared to other silent air compressors. This is because it is a silent air compressor with piston ring to prevent lubricating oil from entering compressed air.
     Only BAMBI provides high-performance compressors with this piston ring, which means that the MD series is very suitable for the following application areas: scientific laboratories, dental clinics, pneumatic control systems and any other need for clean and ultra-quiet compressed air occasion
3.Main features of the HT series: low noise, only 53 decibels during operation, 100% oil-free design, high efficiency, horizontal dual pump unit, innovative compact design, suitable for placement in a limited space. Mainly used in instrumentation, car door control, autoclave lock, binding and other applications requiring portable and stable compressed air supply
4 VT series provides oil-free, clean and dry compressed air. Other series please see the catalogues below

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