Established in 1977, Bambi Air Compressors Ltd specializes in the manufacture of air compressors. Manufactured in the UK, Bambi high performance compressors offer solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as medical, dental, laboratory and OEM applications.

Bambi air compressors include the following series,
* Budget Range - Silent Air Compressor
* MD Range - Silent Air Compressors
* VT Range - Bambi Oil-Free Air Compressor
* VTS Series - Silent Oil Free Air Compressor
* FS Series - Sprinkler System Air Compressor
* PT Range - Ultra Low Noise Oil Free

The Budget Range was developed for those who require ultra-low noise and relatively little air flow. The Bambi Budget compressor operates with little vibration (40 dB(A)) and can be safely placed in the work area without causing any noise issues.

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