1 Belaire is proud to provide a full range of piston and rotary screw compressors and a full set of compressed air accessories
2 BelAire compressors are the standard by which any other is judged. They offer all the best in the three main categories for commercial air producing. Gas engine driven motored engine models, for when you are out the field, or mounted to a service truck.
3 Traditional reciprocating models for busy everyday use. Rotary screw compressors, for the ultimate noise reduction, and the longest duty cycle of all types of models. And BelAire offers so much more, including most models are made in America.
4 Newly QP series: BelAire QP is a full-featured piston air compressor that includes a high-strength muffler housing. Standard features include electromagnetic starters, low oil level switches, three-way pumps installed on the aftercooler, automatic oil tank drainage and vibration isolation pads. The high-flow fan ensures excellent cooling. Low oil level switch, automatic oil tank drain and high temperature safety switch allow worry-free operation. Like all BelAire air compressors, QP has been 100% factory tested at full pressure.

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