1 Experience is important. Since 1924 (the year we installed the first compressor on a commercial vehicle), Bendix has been leading the experience and expertise of inflation systems. Today, we are still the top supplier of compressors, air handling components and complete air brake control systems throughout North America
2 In addition to new compressors, Bendix also offers a complete range of refurbished original Bendix compressors
3 Bendix air maintenance system: focus on compressor. Bendix air compressors pressurize the air in the primary and secondary oil tanks to provide power for air brakes and other pneumatic systems. Bendix’s air compressors play an important role in Bendix world-leading air brake system,
4 When you need quality, reliability, innovation and performance, please rely on Bendix. We are the preferred OEM supplier of comprehensive air brake systems and components

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