Champion was founded in 1919 by brothers Fred and George Rayfield, who started their work in a small store in Chicago. The company was acquired by Gardner Denver, Inc. in 1998.

Champion provides the highest quality reciprocating and rotary air compressor systems, parts and service for customers from around the world.

Champion Air Compressors include the following types,
* Oil Lubricated Rotary Air Compressors/Champion Rotary Compressor
* Oil Free Reciprocating & Scroll Air Compressors
* Low Pressure Reciprocating Type Air Compressors/Champion Reciprocating Air Compressor

The CA series compressors are fixed speed, single stage, 100% oil free rotary scroll compressors (Champion scroll air compressor) ranging from 3 - 10 HP (per pump). The scroll packages are designed for medical, industrial and laboratory applications in various configurations.

A&S can provide you with a wide range of Champion compressors/ Champion air compressors, such as Champion Oil Lubricated Compressor, Champion Oil Free Compressor, ensuring you can find the best one for your needs. Here you can get the most competitive price!

If you couldn't find the brand or model of air compressor you want on our website, you can send an email to our customer service staff.

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