Founded in the 1960s, Aerotecnica Coltri S.p.a. is an Italian compressor manufacturer known worldwide as “Coltri Compressors”.

The company's original core business was refilling recreational and military diving cylinders. Today, Coltri has expanded its business into the development and manufacture of a wide variety of compressors.

Coltri compressors include the following types,
* Coltri Breathing Air Compressors such as Portables line, Efficient line,
* Coltri Nitrox compressors such as LP Rotary Silent 250
* Coltri CNG compressors such as CNG Evo
* Coltri Booster compressors such as Asso I

Portables line compressors are lightweight and practical. They have great portability and can follow you anytime, anywhere. Electric or petrol engines are available. Their capacities vary from 50 liters to 100 liters.

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Coltri Air Compressor Products

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