1 Fire-fighting breathing field: fill air respirator with high-pressure breathing air filling of breathing gas bottle, especially in the fire and toxic environment, it can quickly fill the bottle on site and provide safe and pure high-pressure breathing gas source.
2. High-pressure gas tightness testing: mainly used for gas tightness testing, gas tightness testing, pressure testing, strength testing, etc. of various high-pressure vessels or pressure vessels such as gas cylinders, steel cylinders, valves, pipes, pressure instruments, high-pressure boilers, etc. Used in areas such as air tightness verification.
3. The field of shooting and paintball: mainly for high-pressure inflation of shooting, to ensure the need for high-pressure inflation of gas.
4. Diving and ship safety: Inflating diving cylinders to provide divers with breathing origin to complete underwater operations. Placed on the ship in case of fire, it can be quickly inflated on site to provide pure air for the crew
5 Coltri air compressors have very high safety and efficiency, and provide pure air that meets and exceeds the strictest European standard EN12021

Coltri Air Compressor Products

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