1 The Compair air compressor uses a large lattice rotor, a grinding screw manufacturing process, and a split seal box. Three-layer seal at the output shaft, 5:6 profile, top rotor bearing-SKF
2 Adopt butterfly type intake valve, the principle is simple, the reaction is sensitive, the wear is small, the work is reliable
3 The Swedish SKF rolling bearing is used at the shaft end of the motor, which has a high load-bearing capacity. The thermistor is embedded in the motor to prevent the motor temperature from rising too much and delay the resistance aging
4 Adopt large-size, high-performance cooler with good cooling performance. All pipes are connected with hard pipes to avoid shortcomings such as hose aging and bursting.
5 Compair is equipped with an electronic intelligent control system for its compressors, with many monitoring functions and good human-computer interaction. Such as Display various parameters, operating status,
set time to turn on and off, basic load selection function

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