1 The Haida N200, DV Systems' 200 horsepower variable-speed, direct drive rotary screw air compressor powers Huron Inc's operations, a leading manufacturer that provides complex tubular assemblies and precision-machined products for the automotive industry.
2 Huron is a leading manufacturer of complex tubular assemblies and precision machined products for the automotive industry. Huron provides customers with strong design and engineering capabilities, and its facility and systems are state-of-the-art.
3 DV’s products and solutions are mainly used in FTG circuits-energy saving, Koss aerospace-compressed air for aerospace, woodworking, dextran products-pharmaceutical applications, agribrink-an innovation in farming, rovercnc-the apache & cnc maching and some other industries.
4 Originally founded in 1943, Huron has grown into one of the largest designers and producers of tubular assemblies and precision machined components in North America. The Company's commitment to quality, customer service and competitive pricing has brought it success in the global marketplace

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