1 ELANG GROUP, founded in 1999 and located in Shanghai, China, is a well-known and middle-high level manufacturer of Industrial Air Compressors in China. Our advantaged products: Oil Injected Screw Air Compressor, Oil Free Water Injected Single Screw Air Compressor, Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor, Double Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor, Permanent Magnetic Synchronizing/Servo VSD Screw Air Compressor and so on
2 Elang has a professional R&D team of 16 years design experience, most engineers from ATLAS COPCO, IR and KOBECO etc. According to the customer's using conditions, to provide a complete set of air solutions for customers, we can customize the air compressor with different technical inquiry, different color, and different size, for example, the compressor put into container, the compressor used in 3000 meters sea level, some compressors need air dyer inside ect.
3 Industry leading technology for low pressure air compressor, ( 1.5bar,the lowest we have done ), has been exported to more than 10 countries. Independent innovation of oil free water lubricated with stainless steel make sure Energy saving and environmental protection. Servo Permanent -magnet air compressor, two stage compression air compressor and high pressure air compressor (40bar) etc. Product variety, style complete make sure the customer can buy anything he wants! Professional R&D team, products diversification, make sure agent’s market bigger and bigger, the profit more and more, sincerely do business with you!
4 ELANG has maintained a pioneering position in the field of construction machinery in China for 17 years. 36 countries have been exported, 16 Agents overseas as far now, We have built the warehouse in Europe France, Southeast Asia Thailand, get the good reputation in there. We are still expanding, In the future, Africa, South America, Australia etc

Elang Air Compressor Products

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