1 Founded in Italy in 1977, Fiac have been in the forefront of Compressor technology. Fiac were able to reduce the weight and size of early air compressors to make use of these machines suitable for a wider audience, essentially creating compressors for the home user. Ever since, Fiac have been leaders in compressed air systems
2 FIAC has been active in the world of compressors for many years. Our expectation and goal is that happy air compressor can become the customer's primary concern. Quickly strive to maintain creativity and flexibility to adjust market demand satisfaction. At the same time, through customer feedback on products, let us always conduct self-examination and constantly seek improvement in quality
3 Fiac three phase compressors are more efficient producers of compressed air than single phase equivalent units and provide 2/3 cost savings in energy consumption. Fiac Compressors with cast iron cylinders running slow, offer a much extended service life.
4 We have many series air compressor products, DIY light oil-free air compressor, screw air compressor, gasoline-powered air compressor, direct-connected air compressor, belt-type air compressor, can be applied to different working environments and meet the different needs of customers

FIAC Air Compressor Products

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