Fusheng is a well-known multinational company in Taiwan, and one of the largest compressor manufacturers in the world. Since its establishment in 1953, Fusheng has experienced more than half a century of development, and has accumulated professional manufacturing experience.

Fusheng has a complete product line, and its products feature energy-saving, environmental protection and high-efficiency quality. Fusheng products involve stationary air compressors, mobile air compressors, refrigeration compressors, air compressors for new energy vehicles, diesel generators, Roots fans, etc.

Fusheng compressors include the following series,
* Fusheng Air Compressor including A Series, SAV Series, GTS Series, etc.
* Fusheng Refrigerant Compressor including BSR Series, HS Series, SRT Series, etc.

Fusheng A series water-cooling reciprocating air compressor is designed for general industrial use. Its standard working pressure is between 7 and 12 kg/cm2G for applications requiring variable and efficient piston displacement.

A-Series compressors operate from 0.37kW (½hp) to 15kW (20hp) and are designed for heavy duty applications, low speed operation and prolonged use. They are suitable for automobile maintenance, paint spraying, material production, textile, tire and other industries.

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