1 Since Fusheng established the joint stock company in 1953, it has experienced more than half a century of wind and rain, has accumulated professional manufacturing experience, and has cutting-edge automation equipment. Fusheng has complete product lines, takes market demand as its own responsibility, and possesses energy-saving, environmental protection and high-efficiency qualities.
2 Products related to stationary air compressors, mobile air compressors, refrigeration compressors, new energy vehicle air compressors, diesel generators, Roots blowers and other fields, providing solutions for global compressed air users for more than 65 years
3 Every Fusheng air compressor incorporates high quality components in its design. From the smallest rotor to the largest airend, each part features our most advanced developments. Our confidence in our design's durability and capacity to withstand the radial and thrust forces generated by the compression process is reflected by our industry-leading airend warranty
4 Building from our four steady platforms of compressor applications, core technology, product roadmaps, and R&D management, our R&D team strives to further advance our products in efficiency, reliability, eco-friendliness, and machine intelligence to fulfill the company’s mission of creating competitive and environmentally friendly products and services for the world.

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Fusheng Air Compressor Products

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