1 We are family owned and operated since 1991. As the name “Castair” implies, our pumps are made of “cast iron” not aluminum. Our pumps are oil-lubricated, not oil-less and run at very slow RPMs making them quiet and last a long life. We have a very large stock of standard compressors on hand. We offer five different series of compressors, contractor, garage, commercial, industrial and rotary screw. We can also build custom compressors to fit your needs. We have a compressor for every application and price range. CAST goal is to help our customers understand the difference between our air compressor and our competitors’ so you can make an informed decision surrounding your air system needs.
2 CAST “hybrid” compressors offer the durability and 100% duty cycle of an rotary screw, together with the intermittent demand and energy savings of a piston.  Under normal operation, the rotary runs continuously, as they are designed to, and the piston automatically runs intermittently when the rotary cannot keep up. If no air is required for 10 minutes, the rotary will also turn off and remain in standby mode until air is required again, providing a seamless supply of air while conserving electricity.
3 CAST air compressors are oil-lubricated, slow RPM, and run very quietly. We can build an air compressor to meet your needs
4 Castair Inc. has been deemed an “Essential Business” as critical manufacturing and supplier for agriculture, transportation, health care and construction market places.

CASTAIR Air Compressor Products

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