1 High precision, high stability, low failure rate, low noise, and environmental protection. A powerful new digital monitor. Energy-saving operation ECOMODE function (Hitachi patent), saving electricity costs.
2 The mainframe of the new structure compressor adopts stainless steel forged material rotor four to six, five to six according to precision calculation, high wind efficiency. High precision 3DCNC grinding and forging quality. Forged stainless steel material, acid and alkali resistant, no worries about rotor air corrosion caused by intake air quality or rotor seizure or breakage due to neglect of bearings over the service life
3 Secondary high-efficiency cyclone oil-gas separation design, low oil content in the outlet, simple maintenance, long-term technology, and low maintenance cost.
4 The pipeline configuration is small, the pressure loss is small, the overall air compressor is simple, and the pipeline configuration is reduced to 60%. (Compared to other brands) maintenance is simple and convenient
5 Hitachi Ltd. is a multinational motor and electronics company originated from Japan. It is one of the eight major motor manufacturers in Japan. Headquartered in Marunouchi, Tokyo, it mainly produces and manufactures household appliances, industrial machinery and other products. On July 19, 2018, the Fortune Global 500 list was released, Hitachi ranked 79th, and ranked 178th among Forbes’ 2000 largest companies, making it the largest integrated motor manufacturer in Japan

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