1 As one of Toronto’s oldest heating and cooling companies, Husky have had over 40 years to perfect the quality of our customer service. While technology keeps improving, we have never forgotten that it’s the people that matter, from our technicians to your family
2 Husky have won the Top Choice Award for air conditioning and heating services in Vaughan for 3 years in a row: 2014, 2015 and 2016. We’ve also won HomeStars Best for 2017. Husky is the Home Depot own house brand of compressor.
3 Husky air compressor introduced several compressors keeping the types of users in mind. It has been producing power tools since 1924. Its products are now available on Amazon, along with Home Depot and all other popular stores.
4 Husky air compressor has oil lubrication function, long service life, quick connection can help you to quickly change applications, heavy duty induction motor provides permanence and reliability. The vertical design takes up less space in your home or anywhere, quiet and portable. The oil-free lubrication system of other types of air compressors saves you frequent maintenance costs

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