1 BLT air compressor adopts the original imported host from Belgium, and has the most advanced Atlas Copco Group patented SAP screw tooth profile, which effectively extends the life of moving parts.
2 BLT has 136 years of R&D experience and expertise in manufacturing mainframes. The rotor material is only 40Cr to ensure the rigidity. The highest compression efficiency year-on-year. The vibration is less than 3mm/S and the noise is less than 60dB. Supporting SKF high-precision bearings to ensure uniform meshing clearance. The test of factory dynamic balance and static balance.
3 BLT air compressor adopts European imported brand hose: resistant to 135℃ high temperature; has excellent wear resistance, high pressure resistance, excellent ozone resistance and weather resistance, super long life, no leakage, etc.
4 BLT - a subsidiary company of Atlas Copco Group - is specialized in designing, manufacturing and sales of air compressors and air treatment systems. Through years of efforts, its products have won wide recognition and acclaim from the market, making it one of the leaders in the air compressor industry in China.

BLT Air Compressor Products

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