1 Mainframe: Adopting German GHH-RAND and other mainframes, a strong heart determines the excellent performance of the whole machine. Motor: Adopt well-known brand high-performance motor, protection class IP54, insulation class F, SKF heavy-duty bearing, the efficiency is 3-5% higher than similar products Oil filter: The spin-on oil filter completely filters out impurities in the lubricating oil, ensures clean lubrication and prolongs the service life of the compressor. Oil-gas separation filter: High-efficiency precision oil-gas separation filter can effectively reduce the oil content of exhaust gas in the compressed air and the power consumption of the unit. The oil content is only 1-2PPM. Sealing rings: SAE O-ring are used for all connections, we can avoid the possibility of leakage problems on traditional joints as much as possible.
2 Excellent cooling system, super large cooling system design, let air compressor bid farewell to high temperature, which greatly prolongs the life of other parts
3 The intelligent control system can continuously monitor and reflect the operation status of the air compressor in real time, and display the information on the control panel. It can also realize multiple machine main chain control and remote monitoring. Moreover, this information can be transmitted to after-sales service personnel through a modem or can be transmitted to the main control system through a bearer protocol.

BALDOR Air Compressor Products

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