Guangdong Baldor-tech Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of air compressors. It is a national high-tech enterprise in China. Baldor strives to provide customers with industrial air compressors of excellent quality and low energy consumption, so that products can create maximum value for users.

Its products include air compressors, permanent magnet variable frequency screw blowers and high-power centrifuges. The power range covers 3.7kW to 1200kW, and the pressure range is from 0.6barG to 35barG.

Baldor's energy-saving and intelligent air compressor technology is at the international leading level. All Baldor air compressors can be digitally managed using the Baldor cloud system, truly realizing the "integration of man and machine" in the industrial field.

BALDOR Air Compressors include the following models,
* PM VSD Compressors BD-20PM
* α-Lyra Screw Air Compressor BD-LS22
* EPM VSD Compressors BD-7.5EPM
* TWO-STAGE Compressors BD-150-Ⅱ, etc,

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If you couldn't find the brand or model of air compressor you want on our website, you can send an email to our customer service staff.

BALDOR Air Compressor Products

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