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1 Ingersoll Rand has a history of more than 135 years. Since the development of the first air compressor, it has been leading the transformation of the world's industry. We have always been proud that our products can help customers worldwide to obtain higher productivity and better serve our customers. As a global industry leader, we provide world-class compressed air technology to the world.
2 Ingersoll Rand understand that you have a job to complete, so we have designed a variety of high quality & low maintenance air compressors, such as single-stage & two-stage reciprocating compressors and rotary screw compressors, to fit your needs. Ingersoll Rand have multiple gas driven reciprocating air compressors (5.5 hp & 13-14 hp) that are portable & easy to use on any type of rugged job site.
3 Ingersoll Rand has provided a wide range of technologically advance, highly reliable and low maintenance air compressors. We have deep knowledge of the needs of industry and demands placed on productivity, making us leaders in the field.
4 Ingersoll Rand provides reciprocating air compressors used for commercial applications, such as auto body shop, small garage or Do-It-Yourself projects; oil-free air compressors used for industrial applications, such as electronics, pharmaceutical, textiles & food/beverage production; oil-flooded air compressors used for industrial applications, such as automotive & general industry ; centrifugal air compressors used for industrial & process application, such as air separation, blow molding & textile; process gas compressors used for Fuel gas boosting, Natural gas gathering, LNG liquefaction, NGL fractionation
5 Ingersoll Rand produce and heavily test our air compressor parts and accessories for our entire compressor product line to ensure they are OEM-quality. We have an array of parts and accessories such as replacement parts, pressure switches, air filters, and oil and lubricants to fit all of our compressor models.

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