Durr Technik
1 In the railway industry, gas stations, energy production, laboratories, and even doctors’ offices, Dürr Technik’s modern oil-free compressors are the most used. Accurate compressor operation is also one of the necessary equipment
2 We move customers with technology and make sure to use efficient and sustainable technology to provide customers with compressed air.
3 The ultra-high reliability of our products is the result of our special emphasis on quality. Even after thousands of hours of operation, our products can continue to work. Dürr Technik's compressor and pump series products are impressive due to their small size, high efficiency, safety and environmental contribution in the workplace.
Oil-free compressed air is necessary for many applications because oil and gas can damage valves, block nozzles, pollute air, or affect measurement results.
4 Quality and reliability of Dürr Technik: The authorized company DQS GmbH DIN issued the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, the auxiliary system obtained the IRIS certification, medical certification, EN ISO13485: 2003 + AC: 2007, ATEX certification: PTB01 ATEX Q010-4, GOST-R certification, KTA 1401 certification.

Durr Technik Air Compressor Products

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