German Durr Technik is a member of the Dürr group, which has numerous partners and overseas offices around the world. The company has been manufacturing compressors and vacuum pumps since 1955. With an innovative development department and highly modern production, the company has sufficient capacity to meet the high demands of its customers.

Durr Technik Air Compressors include the following types,
* Oil free compressors such as series KK8, KK15, KK40
* Oil free compressor stations as series SICOLAB mini, Mobile Station

The SICOLAB mini mobile soundproofing compressor unit complements Durr Technik's soundproofing SICOLAB range, specially developed for the laboratory sector. Another advantage is that it is plug-and-play and easy to operate.
SICOLAB mini is an oil-free compressor unit with an integrated carrying handle, offering maximum flexibility and minimum maintenance. Due to the very compact size, the unit can even be installed in narrow rooms.

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Durr Technik Air Compressor Products

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