1 Werther International Inc. has teamed up with FIAC SRL to offer their innovative compressors to screw air compressor distributors in the North American market. 25 years of engineering excellence and manufacturing experience have produced the most reliable, energy-efficient, quiet running rotary screw compressors available today, with a customer-friendly design that is easy to maintain and service. As an industrial air compressor manufacturer, Werther provides a high-quality and exceptionally quiet solution for any application that will exceed your expectations.
2 Wether silent air compressors are dependable, vibration free, and compact that have noise levels as low as 30 dB\A! Quiet Oil-Less Air Compressors are the ideal choice for clean air supply in applications where low noise level, dependability & long service life is a must! Rotary Screw Compressors are extensive, versatile, & high efficiency compressors that range from 3 - 100 HP and capacity from 10 - 560 CFM!
3 Werther air compressor applications are mainly about laboratory air compressors, medical air compressors, electronic air compressors, food & beverage air compressors, dental air compressors, which has a wild range working environment to meet users needs.
4 Years of engineering excellence and manufacturing experience have earned us ISO 9001 and ISO 134585 certification. Werther International offers a wide range of ISO 9001 certified air compressors and heavy duty air compressors. We offer a full range of air compressors from diminutive, palm-sized fractional HP to Heavy Duty Rotary Screw Compressors exceeding 100 HP, and every option in between. We are leading the pack, when it comes to silent or low-noise air-compressors.

Werther Air Compressor Products

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