1 MGF, founded by Mr. Gabriele Fiani, was born in 1977 as a company specialized in compressed air applications, in 1986 reached its actual statute. MGF is actually a dynamic and growing society that reached in the years a constant 20% development rate.
2 We are specialized in the production of oilless compressors (oil-free compressors), silent compressors, OEM compressors, industrial compressors and suction systems for the dental since more than 20 years. We are proud to offer our products and services to match your specific needs and satisfy the high level of professional service you require.
3 Silent compressors are designed for countless applications, including laboratories, dental clinics, medical, graphic design and industrial applications all over the world. Use advanced technology and experience to formulate different product solutions for customers to meet the needs of customers in different industries.
4 MGF offers a wide range of oil-less professional compressors, dental compressors and compressors for laboratories, silent compressors, silent oil-free compressors, industrial screw compressors till 55 kW, surgical suction systems for the dental and much more.

MGF Air Compressor Products

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