The brand JUN-AIR of IDEX company in the United States originated in Denmark, providing customers around the world with air compressors for laboratory, dental clinic, medical, beverage, drawing and industrial applications. JUN-AIR launched its first compressor in 1958, and in 2006, JUN-AIR became a brand of IDEX Corporation.

JUN-AIR has been continuously innovating technology and products over the years, and has continuously adopted advanced noise reduction and drying technologies. Now the noise of JUN AIR's lubricated air compressors can be as low as 35 decibels, and the oil-free air compressors 47 decibels.

JUN-AIR Air Compressors include the following types,
* Quiet & Clean Air including Oil-less Piston Compressors, Oil-less Rocking Piston Compressors
* Quiet Air including JUN-AIR Oil-Lubricated Piston Compressors

JUN-AIR introduces a new generation of oil-free piston compressors with fewer moving parts, which reduces noise, vibration and wear. Reduced noise and vibration levels make it possible to place the compressor directly at the point of use. The noise level is about 65 dB(A).

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Jun-air Air Compressor Products

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