1 Kobalt air compressors are the house brand of the Lowes of big box store fame. Made for Lowes, the Kobalt line of air compressors is powered by electric motors and come in portable and fixed styles. The range of motors is from 1.5 HP up to 5 HP.
2 These motors power a range of Kobalt compressors, small 3 gallon tanked units with a 1.5 HP motor up to the 5 HP vertical fixed style with an 80gallon tank.
3 Kobalt line of air compressors are categorized as mid-use. By this we mean that we would have no problem acquiring a Kobalt compressor for our home workshop or garage. We might even purchase a Kobalt compressor for our work, assuming that our use of compressed air was incremental, and not used continuously
4 Kobalt air compressors are made by Sanborn. Sanborn Air compressors make units with several names such as Powermate, and Kobalt

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