Linghein was established in 2001 and is located in Guangzhou in southeastern China. The company mainly designs and manufactures small and medium-sized oil-injected screw compressors. Over the years, it has established a solid sales and service organization in various regions of China, and has a strong dealer network.

In 2011, Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd. acquired certain assets of Guangzhou Linghein Compressor Co., Ltd.

Linghein air compressor include the following series,
* LSW series oil-free water lubricated air compressor
* LS/LSV LP series low pressure screw air compressor
* LOH series oil-cooled permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor, etc.

LS 4-90 series energy-saving screw air compressor uses Atlas Copco's new generation main engine. It is durable and stable, providing higher gas production efficiency, less outgassing and less pressure loss. This series can precisely meet the user's air needs and is more energy efficient.

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