1 A wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco, is committed to providing compressed air solutions, has a professional technical team, and constantly introduces new products. The whole series is complete, stable, and cost-effective.
2 We offer a fixed speed driven (standard) and variable speed driven (VSD) screw air compressors. Linghein screw air compressor comes with noise insulation foam coated steel cabinet & low noise cooling fan. It is the leading brand of screw air compressor in the world with high stability, high efficiency and low maintenance cost.
3 Oversize air end, low speed, Air end is not easy to broken. Oversize air/oil separator, longer service lift and low oil content in the discharge air. Robust heavy duty belts (in belt drive type).
4 1:1 transmission, no gear (in direct drive type). Heavy duty but simplified air intake valve. Professional and conciseness wire composition in the electricity box. Super bearing of the motor, sturdy and durable.

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Linghein Air Compressor Products

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