Mattei originated in Italy in 1919, and in 1934 the company produced the first diesel-driven portable air compressor. Mattei pioneered the development of rotary vane compressors in 1958. Since then, these machines have been used in almost every industry and market worldwide.

Mattei rotary vane air compressors include the following series,
* BLADE Series
* Maxima Series
* Optima Series
* AC Series

The Mattei Absolute Zero (MAZ) oil-free air system uses highly advanced filtration equipment combined with Mattei oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil-free air that meets ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 or ISO 8573-1: 2010 Class 1 standards.

With Mattei's Absolute Zero Oil-Free Air System, users can now provide the highest quality oil-free air by using oil-lubricated compressors, which offers significant advantages over oil-free systems.

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