Founded in the 1920s, Quincy has manufacturing plants in Bay Minette, Quincy, Illinois, and Kunshan, China. Atlas Copco completed the acquisition of Quincy Compressor from EnPro Industries in 2009. The acquisition supports Atlas Copco's profitable growth in North America and China, and adds a strong brand and extensive dealer network for it.

Quincy air compressors include the following types,
* Quincy Rotary Screw Air Compressor
* Quincy Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor
* Quincy Oil-Free Air Compressor/Quincy Oil-Free Compressor

Quincy rotary screw air compressors use twin spiral screws for positive displacement. Oil immersed systems are the more common type of rotary screw compressor. Quincy Compressor offers a full line of industrial sized screw air compressors to meet your business needs.

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Quincy Air Compressor Products

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