1 Rotorcomp are a leading supplier of oil-injected EVO® screw air ends and EVO®-NK compact units for stationary, mobile as well as special air compressor applications. Using EVO® as the heart, our OEM customers can build compressor systems with ultimate efficiency, low noise, at the highest quality standards.
2 EVO® screw gas ends and compact units are especially suited for the needs of the gas compression industry. Rotorcomp is a historical well-known manufacturer producing quality screw compressor, oil free compressor, high pressure compressor
3 From 2015, we successfully develop the new generation oil-free air compressors with the ISO9001 certificate, ISO14001 certificate, energy-saving product certificate, OSHAS (Occupation Safety and Health management System) certificate, vonTUV certificate and CE Certificate. According to the Standard European Din40080, our air end and air compressors have won the praises of the customers over 45 countries worldwide.
4 As a part of the strong BAUER GROUP, a well-known global compressed air and gas specialist for pressures up to 500 bar, we care about our environment and commit ourselves to EU Ecodesign Directives, American CAGI as well as Chinese Energy Efficiency initiatives.

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