The manufacture of compressed air at Schneider airsystems originated in Germany in 1966. In 1968 Schneider started selling portable compressors. In 1975 Schneider Druckluft GmbH was founded.

With the founding of Schneider Druckluft GmbH, the product portfolio continued to expand to include compressed air equipment and air tools, and the compressor range was increasingly adapted to the needs of industry and trade. In 2016 Atlas Copco, a leading supplier of sustainable productivity solutions, completed the acquisition of Schneider Druckluft GmbH.

Schneider air compressors include the following models,
* Schneider stationary piston compressor such as model UNM STS 1000-10-90
* Schneider stationary screw compressor such as model AM B 4-10-270 XBDK
* SilentMaster compressor such as model SEM 110-8-6 WOF, etc.

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