1 At SCR there are a few watch words that we live by: efficiency, reliability, affordability and service. These are the very cornerstones of SCR and they continue to serve us well. When you choose an SCR compressor, you’ve not only chosen one of the best built, but also one of the best value compressors on the market. Something all our customers attest to.
2 Compact variable speed permanent magnet screw compressor。PM2 Series – Efficiency, Affordability, Simplicity – The PM2 range is our bestselling variable speed screw compressor, featuring the very latest energy saving technology. With an IE4 oil cooled permanent magnet motor and 1:1 direct drive, saving energy has never been more affordable.
3 Innovative solutions to air and gas compression. SCR Compressor is a leading supplier of different-purpose compressors and supplying the equipments and compressors in the industry, which have the advantages of high performance and low operating costs.
4 Energy Savings of 30% can typically be gained, but energy savings as high as 50% are not uncommon on an oversized screw air compressor. SCR Variable Speed Drive (VSD) has the ability to vary the output speed of the compressor’s air end depending on the actual pressure in the system. One of the benefits of a Variable Speed screw compressor is that it stops the compressor ‘unloading’ when the air demand is low, unlike a fixed speed machine which will vent unused air to atmosphere when not required. SCR VSD screw compressor backs off the speed when demand is low, therefore saving energy. On a constant torque application, power is proportional to speed.

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