Founded in 1953, Thomas is a manufacturer of production systems, compressors, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps and OEM pumps. Thomas air compressors are primarily used in medical area, laboratory, food and beverage, negative pressure wound therapy, etc.

Gardner Denver acquired Thomas Industries in 2005. In 2020, Gardner Denver and Ingersoll Rand merged to form a new and larger Ingersoll Rand. Thomas became one of the Ingersoll Rand brands.

Thomas air compressors include the following types,
* Thomas WOB-L® Piston Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
* Thomas Diaphragm Air Compressors and Pumps
* Thomas Rotary Vane Pumps and Compressors
* Thomas Linear Diaphragm Pumps and Compressors
* Thomas Articulated Piston Compressors

Thomas supplies OEMs with linear diaphragm pumps and compressors for a wide range of medical, environmental and industrial applications. Thomas oil-free linear pumps and compressors are the best choice for pressure and/or vacuum applications requiring oil- and contamination-free air, compact design, high efficiency, low power consumption and extremely low noise levels.

A&S can provide you with a wide range of Thomas compressors/ air compressors, such as Thomas Piston Compressor, Thomas Medical Air Compressor, Thomas Oil-less Diaphragm Compressor, ensuring you can find the best one for your needs. Here you can get the most competitive price!

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