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1 Union tech Compressor Co., Ltd. is a screw air compressor
It is a professional, large-scale and modern production enterprise of shrinking machine. As one of the largest air compressor manufacturers and air system solution providers, the product quality of Union tech screw compressors fully reflects the modern professional technology in line with international standards. The production management of the company strictly follows the ISO9001 international quality system to ensure The high efficiency, reliability and technological advancement of each machine make it have more excellent performance and reliability than similar products.
2 Union tech Compressor Co., Ltd. is committed to providing users with high-quality services. We know how to make your compressed air system's operating costs lower to ensure good operating performance. Ensure that you can have a reliable and sufficient compressed air supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
3 Union tech company's product categories are stationary screw compressors, mobile screw compressors, low-pressure screw compressors, inverter screw compressors, permanent magnet inverter compressors, automotive drive compressors, suitable for a wide range of working environments
4 The advantages of Union tech air compressors are high efficiency and power saving, cooling fan frequency conversion control, ultra-efficient motor, stable operation, low noise, stable pressure, energy saving; simple design, suitable for a variety of working conditions; can achieve multiple machines joint and remote control.

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