Founded in 2002, Shanghai United Compressor Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and sales of compressors under the brand names of United Compressor Systems (UCS) and United OSD.

In 2013, United OSD established a joint venture with Hitachi Group, a Fortune 500 company. The cooperation between the two companies not only supplements each other's product line vacancies, but also enhances each other's design, production, quality control and service capabilities.

UNITED OSD Air Compressors include the following types,
* UNITED OSD Oil-lubricated Compressor
* UNITED OSD Oil-free Compressor
* UNITED OSD Oil-free centrifugal compressor
* UNITED OSD Multifunctional Portable Air Compressor
* UNITED OSD Industrial Custom Compressors

Oil-free fixed-speed screw air compressor UDL Series compresses air through two screw rotors, and then removes the moisture in the compressed air through a water-air separator.

At the same time, since there is no oil injection cooling, the compressed air is usually cooled. The compressor is equipped with a pre-cooler, an intercooler and an after-cooler to meet the requirements of the outlet temperature. A high-performance shaft seal on the rotor shaft prevents oil leakage into the compressed air, making it oil-free.

A&S can provide you with a wide range of UNITED OSD compressors/ air compressors, such as UNITED OSD screw compressor, UNITED OSD Centrifugal Compressor, ensuring you can find the best one for your needs. Here you can get the most competitive price!

If you couldn't find the brand or model of air compressor you want on our website, you can send an email to our customer service staff.

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