1 Viair is widely recognized by our customers and peers as the leading compressor manufacturer in the industry. We offer an extensive range of products that includes compressors, onboard air systems, air accessories, and more. Our quality-engineered compressors and components are also used in the OEM segment, and have become the industry standard for both 12-volt and 24-volt automotive aftermarket applications worldwide.
2 Viair compressors are currently deployed to every corner of the globe, in the world’s harshest environments from arctic climates to the world’s most unforgiving deserts. Our promise to you is to consistently deliver performance, reliability, and value. That’s why our products are made to last.
3 Viair corporation offers the most comprehensive line of fractional horsepower DC oil-less air compressors & air accessories. Our compressors and components are leaders in the on-road and off-road markets. Since 1998, our quality-engineered products have become the industry standard in the automotive aftermarket, and can be found across industrial, medical, and agricultural applications.
4 Viair compressors have the following types: C-Models, H-Models, IG-Series, Portables, RVS Portables. All Viair compressors are tested at an ambient temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a supply voltage of 13.8 volts for 12-volt models & 28 volts for 24-volt models,which ensures the reliability and stability of the compressor.

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